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One of the most successful ways to engage with your customers is email newsletters. In order to help you, we will tell you how to use email newsletters in an effective way. Regardless of the look, performance, and optimization of your website, it will not grab the attention of the visitors alone. They should have a reason that will make them return. Having special promotions is one way while generating content and blogging is another way to bring them back. Another great idea is the lead magnets. We will now focus on how to tell the visitors that they have to go back and see the awesome new stuff that is added to the website. This is where a newsletter comes into play. They are great for letting them know about this. You have to compel them to subscribe and then make a newsletter regularly that is worthy of reading. You should also make sure that you know how to make a free service that is worthy of its time. Putting it in another way, you should know how to get visitors to subscribe and read the see the newsletter but also to click on links and then take an action on the website.

The success of a Newsletter

We will begin by looking at how a newsletter is successful. The metrics that should be under consideration while assessing your newsletter’s success are the following:

Open Rate: The provider of email service will remove all the emails that were bounced, which means the ones that were not delivered, from his count. Then it is divided by all the emails that were opened by a total number of subscribers. This will tell you the percentage of your subscribers that opened them. The formula for open rate is:

No. of opened emails / (no. of sent emails – no. of bounced emails) = Open Rate

Click-through Rate: Another calculation is performed when you have to identify the rate at which the individuals clicked on the links that were in the emails. This one is an essential metric because it shows that subscribers received your email, and then they also took an action and then went back to the website. The formula for click-through rate is:

of clicked emails / (no. of sent emails – no. of bounced emails) = Click-through Rate

Click-to-open Rate: This calculation is a step ahead of others and has a different formula. It demands you to how you are converting over the email efficiently. To put it this way, the individuals who were compelled to open the newsletter sent by you, what percentage of these individuals followed the call to action. The formula for click to open rate is:

(no. of unique clicks / no. of unique opens) = Click-to-open Rate

Spam Rate and unsubscribe rate are also essential to put under consideration. These metrics enable you to have an idea about how your subscribers are feeling about the newsletters or if they are a valuable asset for you.

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