Last Updated on 01-10-2020

Terms & Conditions

  • Submitted Proposal Estimation is valid for 5 days from the date of proposal sent, in case of any approvals after 5 days are subject to reconfirm with CRE8TIVEBOT business team
  • Cost of infrastructure, hardware, server software and network required at client’s end are excluded from CRE8TIVEBOT proposition.
  • CRE8TIVEBOT proposition do not include any costing of additional services such as domain registration, hosting, payment gateway or any third-party charges.
  • Project delivery date may delay depending on the number of revisions requested.
  • In case of any emergency closure/termination of the project requested by client, CRE8TIVEBOT will seek payment for the work done till date as per resources engaged in Project before we treat project as CANCELLED or CLOSED.
  • CRE8TIVEBOT will not provide any refunds to client unless mutually agreed by both parties.
  • Payments are required to be made only in name of company in agreement. Third party payment or by any other entity on behalf of company will not be accepted.
  • While making payment, purpose of payment should be “App/Web/social media/video/photography/maintenance/content/ Development Charges”. Any other purpose will not be allowed.
  • Client will have to provide necessary signed documents required for accounting purpose in accordance with this proposal.
  • Payment need to be cleared within 7 days of Performa invoice received by the company.
  • Client must make the payment as per the payment terms mentioned in the proposal. In case of any changes in terms, client needs to provide us with amended purchase order.